Did you know that our community was originally called Hillsboro, or that the Pittsburg Pirates once considered a winter training camp where Century Village now stands? Did you know that in the 1930s the infamous Al Capone owned the property now known as Deerfield Island Park, or that a gambling casino once operated on the Intracoastal?

Deerfield Beach Historical Society invites you to become part of PROJECT HISTORY! an effort to document Deerfield Beach’s historic past.

For the last two years, the Deerfield Beach Historical Society in partnership with Deerfield Beach High School’s Communication/Broadcast Arts (CBA) magnet program, have worked together to video our early residents in order to preserve their stories of what Deerfield Beach was like many years ago. These recordings, along with personal photos, will be used in two of the projects listed below.

Our goal is to raise $45,000 to fund four projects:

  1. A comprehensive book on the history of Deerfield Beach (to be written by our own local author, historian and speaker Sally j. Ling)
  2. A video documentary based on the book (to be completed by the CBA students)
  3. Renovation of a research room in the Butler House
  4. Renovation of two audio recording rooms at the high school (our gift to the school for their participation in PROJECT HISTORY!)

We truly appreciate every cent and look forward to your participation in PROJECT HISTORY! Thank you in advance for helping to preserve our history, educate our children and share our story.

Anyone who donates $100 will be invited to the book launch and receive a signed copy of the book. As these are long term projects, a completion date for any of the projects cannot be determined until the necessary funds have been raised. Your generous donation will help us get there much faster.

Help spread the word!

Deerfield Beach Historical Society: Project History!
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